The Art of Leadership provides the guidance people need to achieve results by utilizing the inner self. Whether you seek confidential help getting started, specific personal or professional guidance or just “inner” growth for long term or specific short term situation that you might find yourself in, the Art of leadership coaching
(performance driving) and mentoring will provide you with “tools” to be able to assess the situation and take initiative to achieve the “goals “ or “your own
set of goals”, The Art of Leadership mentoring and coaching methodology provides comprehensive guidance for people working on their emotional intelligence
and leadership skills.

Art of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring process

Step – Preliminary Strategy session
determine whether I and we can add value as your coach or mentor

Step 1 – Measure Your Skills
Asses the emotional intelligence or leadership “position”

Step 2 – Raise Your Self-Awareness
during a confidential session using The Art Of Leadership methodology the “position” will be
stablished and acknowledge

Step 3 – Create an Action Plan
Based on specific strategies to close the gaps and overlaps based in your own personal skills.

Step 4 – Practice and Develop
by refining your efforts with accountability and support from your coach.

Step 5 – Prepare to Transition
by learning how to handle setbacks, when to retest your skills, and how to hold your gains.

Step 6 – Keep on holding to “your gains”
by learning how to hold your gains it will became a second nature to you and handle the setbacks
from mostly all angles.

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