• Coaching (*)
  • Mentoring (**)
  • Job Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Intermediator between employer and future employee

(*) When to consider coaching:

  • When seeking to develop specific competencies using performance
    management tools and involving the immediate you
  • When expectations are not being meet
  • When there is an introducing a new project or program
  • When there is a need of increased competency in specific areas
  • When a leader or executive needs assistance in acquiring a new skill as an additional responsibility

(**) When to consider mentoring:

  • When an individual is seeking to develop its leathership or talent pool as part
    of succession planning
  • When an individual seeks to develop its diversity to remove barriers that
    hinder their success
  • When an invividual seeks to more completely develop in ways that are
    additional to the acquisition of specific skills/competencies
  • When an individual seeks to retain its internal expertise and experience by
    keeping the “gains”
  • When an individual wants to create a “platform” that balances the professional
    and the personal