Here you can read testimonials from clients that succesfully worked with Art of Leadership:

” I had two coaching sessions where we prepared for a series of interviews
for a multinational company operating in the Netherlands.

The first session was a general evaluation to get to know what I was
looking for in my next career step, what experiences I had had so far during my current job search and my main professional, technical and behavioural characteristics.

The second session was focused specifically to my upcoming interviews,
starting with basic key elements like choosing the best outfit, body language, communication style and going through the details of specific answers to interview questions as well as compensation negotiation tips.

What I found most helpful and I believe was ultimately key to receiving a job offer from this company was the advice and coaching tailored to my personality, where i learned how to best leverage my personal strengths and weaknesses to appeal to the Dutch job market and the company.

I recommend 100% the Art of Leadership services; it prepared me to get the job that I wanted. Fatima is very knowledgeable on the job market and what companies are looking for from candidates and also pays great attention to tailoring the coaching to the personality and needs of her clients ”

Sara J.
Amsterdam, November 2018

It has been a great journey for me to get the job and salary package I wanted thanks to the useful support and mentoring from Fatima. I am an experienced highly skilled professional and had a permanent fulltime job, however I decided that I do not want to get just one step up for my next job. I wanted my dream job with a great salary package.

I am so pleased and impressed with Fatima’s skills as she can understand my perception and from there she guided me throughout my whole journey until acceptance of my new job. So what was the guidance and mentoring I received? It varied from emailing with the potential new employer up to preparation for interviews and amazing salary negotiation attitude and skills. Furthermore, I then had the luxury that a few potential employers where interested in hiring me. Fatima helped me with creating a clear picture of the pro’s and con’s of the different companies to be able to make an informed choice.

Fatima, I thank you for helping me achieving great big change in my life. I did not know that receiving that help from you could make job switch pleasant and useful for me. I have learned a lot from you. When I decide to change jobs in the near future I definitely want to do it together with you again by my side to guide me to achieve more that I would on my own!

Warm regards,
B. Bil